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Listing Calendars


A calendar integration can consist of multiple distinct calendars.

An example Gmail integration consists of a primary calendar (named for the account email address) as well as many additional calendars, such as Public Holidays, Work, Personal, Training Schedule, etc.

All events belong to a calendar and contain a reference to it, either when being retrieved or being created.

Calendar model

See calendar model in the reference.

Listing the calendars

A call to list calendars will, by default, return all calendars for all connected calendar accounts.

WorkAPI does not attempt to merge calendars together, instead returning each as a separate entity. Requests to list events can then be filtered by one or more calendar IDs as required.


          token = "<user's token>"
client = 

mailboxes = client.list_calendars

# => [LivilApi::Calendar(id: '...', name: 'My Awesome Calendar', description: '...', ...), LivilApi::Calendar(id: '...', name: 'Holidays in United Kingdom', description: '...', ...), ...]

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