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Managing a User


This guide assumes you've already done the following:

Deleting a User

A user account may be deleted using the user's token, using an APT, or via the WorkAPI Dashboard

User deletes their own account

The API allows an account to be deleted without authorization of the application developer by simply passing the user's token to the DELETE /users/me endpoint.

The account will be deleted immediately and is not recoverable. Usage stats pertaining to billing will be recorded on the developer's account, and all of the user's integrations will have their credentials revoked (TBC) and records removed from the Work-API database.

token = "<user's token>" # stored when creating the user, or when previously refreshing the token
client =
result = client.delete_user

result # => :no_content

Developer deletes a user account using an APT

The developer can perform the same rquest using an APT in place of the user's token:

apt = "<generated APT>" # see 'Generating an APT'
client =
result = client.delete_user

result # => :no_content

Developer deletes a user account via the Dashboard

The developer can also delete the user via the account Dashboard in the Users section.

De/re-activating a User

A user account does not have to be deleted to block incoming requests. It may also be deactivated. This is useful in situations where an account should be suspended temporarily, e.g. the account is in arrears.

This can also done in the Users section of the Dashboard.

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